The COVID 19 Journey is a Psychedelic Experience

Brandon Evans
6 min readApr 17, 2020

The Corona virus is waking people up in much the same way as psychedelics.

Our world and our lives are being shaken at a mass scale that most have not witnessed in our lifetimes. While I am far from immune to what’s happening all around me, it often feels quite familiar. In particular, it feels as though the work I’ve done with psychedelics over the past decade has been preparing me for much of this.

One of the benefits of intentional psychedelic use I’ve experienced is the breaking down of rigid ways of looking at the world and ourselves. When taken responsibly with intention and properly integrated, these experiences can often help to accelerate personal growth and expansion.

Psychedelics almost always show us something new, a perspective we had not yet considered. This can come via intense visuals or a little whisper in our ear. The result is typically the same, our consciousness is expanded and our view of the world and “reality” has shifted.

For me, the expansion I’ve experienced with psychedelics has been so profound that I’ve dedicated my life to it. As a successful tech entrepreneur, I saw the powerful impact that psychedelics, and in particular, the ancient plant medicine ayahuasca could have on our world. This led to the creation of a series of retreats with global business leaders and change makers called 1heart Journeys.

From hosting nearly 200 leaders on these Journeys, I’ve witnessed many reoccurring themes of breakthroughs as well as the powerful life transformations that have followed. Below are just a handful of the themes I see most closely paralleled as a result of COVID 19.

1| Increased Comfort With Uncertainty — in times like these, we are being forced to confront uncertainty on a daily basis in nearly all aspects of our lives. The stability and predictability of our work, finances, relationships, mental and physical health are all being put to the test.

While this may be met with a lot of discomfort initially, the reality is the security we seek is often an illusion anyway. Our mission is to learn to let go of how we expect things to go and learn to accept, welcome and be grateful for the way things actually are. COVID is forcing many to develop a new relationship with…



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