Our World is a Ponzi Scheme, and We Are Witnessing it Start to Crumble

What is being revealed by COVID, #blacklivesmatter, and all that is now coming to light?

Brandon Evans
9 min readJun 9, 2020


Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face — Mike Tyson

Look around. Everywhere you look, things don’t quite look the same. Did our World just change overnight? Everywhere you turn, everything you read, everyone you speak with, there seems to be a different explanation for what is happening.

Did our World just do a 180 in the blink of an eye? Of course not, we are merely witnessing what happens when the illusion starts to fade right before our eyes. Sure, some cracks always existed… this time feels different.

So what exactly is happening, and what is being revealed?

Life As We Know It Is 100% Dependant on Spending

Our society’s dependence on spending is certainly not a new concept. Current events are, however, showing us in no uncertain terms how absurd our relationship with spending has become.

Think for a minute that from Day 1 of the COVID outbreak, our President has been most concerned with how to prevent an interruption in people’s shopping behaviors. “The World’s Greatest Economy” is so fragile that we are frightened by the idea of people not being able to get to the mall, not traveling, and not eating out. If our good citizens are not out increasing the massive debt they already carry, how will our economy continue to grow?

We are so afraid that when the most frightening terrorist attack ever to take place on American soil occurred on 9/11, President Bush focused on telling people to go out and shop, travel and spend money. Spending money has somehow been sold as the Patriotic thing to do in our country. Despite nearly 80% of people in this country living paycheck to paycheck, the best we can think to do in times of crisis is to ensure that the spending continues.

What’s scary is that this all seems to make sense logically. We think, of course, we need to keep shopping and spending, how else can we keep our jobs and keep Wall Street from imploding and taking the entire economy with it. Even now, when unemployment is well into the double…



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