New Podcast: On Getting Lost and Finding Meaning

Brandon Evans
2 min readAug 13, 2018

Talking about balancing life and business on The Freedom Chronicles

Photo by Samuel Zeller

I taped Freedom Chronicles earlier this year and loved being on this podcast. Listen in as we discuss business, relationships, spirituality, purpose and other juicy topics.

Here are the notes from our podcast:

What happens when you chase financial success, achieve it and then realize that things don’t feel quite as good as you thought they would? Brandon Evans is the CEO and co-founder of 1Heart, a conscious start-up studio who found out the answer the hard way. Brandon previously built two $100 million companies, but after achieving financial success, he woke up one day lost and began a spiritual journey which he chronicled in his first Medium article entitled, ‘Lost on purpose’. That went instantly viral and he has since founded 1Heart with his best friend, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs to find their path and build conscious companies.

I talked to Brandon about finding real meaning, and keeping it real.


Key Moments:

[3m 00s] What Brandon has learned about how to find yourself

[5m 30s] How one particular blog post changed everything for Brandon

[9m 25s] Brandon shares the major turning point in his

[14m 15s] How his experience changed his relationships

[15m 43s] Brandon’s message to his younger, overworked self

[20m 59s] How Brandon’s start up studio is supporting other entrepreneurs

[23m 55s] The mistakes Brandon sees start ups make over and over

[25m 45s] On working with your best friend

[29m 30s] What freedom means to Brandon these days



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